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Imagine a war.  One waged not on a bloody battlefield, but instead upon leaves of paper; a war that lasts not for years, but for centuries.  The literary debate, “La Querelle des Femmes,” translated to “The Debate about Women,” is a war of words that addressed questions regarding the role and status of women.  Constantly […]

Beginning in the 1500’s and carrying on for centuries afterward, the querelle des femmes, or “the debate over women,” began as a literary argument over the role of women concerning their status, and later their right to equality (especially regarding education).[1] In 1615, a man by the name of Joseph Swetnam wrote an attack on […]

Just a little something to check out…

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A friend of mine told me about this–looked it up and I thought it was worth sharing: http://coolmaterial.com/roundup/if-historical-events-had-facebook-statuses/

Weak Thesis

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I’m not sure if this works, but I was having some trouble finding something… http://online.wsj.com/article/SB121755336096303089.html?mod=hpp_us_inside_today


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Primary Print (only one primary print, as of now): Betty S. Travitsky and Patrick Cullen, ed., The Early Modern Englishwoman:  A Facsimile LIbrary of Essential Works Part 1:  Printed Writings, 1500-1640 (Brookfield, Vermont:  SCOLAR PRESS, 1996), 25-61. Secondary Print: Christopher Lasch, Women and the Common Life:  Love Marriage, and Feminism (New York, NY:  W.W. Norton […]


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I realized I never posted my proposal paper: Proposal:  Rachel Speght Over the entirety of the history of mankind, the role of women in society has always been under fire.  Do they deserve to have a voice?  What is expected of them?  The proposed topic is centered on one such debate from the 17th century.  […]

Journal Reviews

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http://web.ebscohost.com.ezproxy.umw.edu:2048/ehost/pdfviewer/pdfviewer?vid=1&hid=110&sid=790c7550-62a5-4612-aac5-5070db32dbba%40sessionmgr112 http://www.jstor.org.ezproxy.umw.edu:2048/stable/3174931?&Search=yes&term=Querelle&term=Speght&term=Femmes&term=Rachel&term=Des&list=hide&searchUri=%2Faction%2FdoAdvancedSearch%3Fq0%3DRachel%2BSpeght%26f0%3Dall%26c1%3DAND%26q1%3DQuerelle%2BDes%2BFemmes%26f1%3Dall%26acc%3Don%26wc%3Don%26Search%3DSearch%26re%3Don%26sd%3D%26ed%3D%26la%3D%26jo%3D&item=7&ttl=7&returnArticleService=showFullText

Winsor Fail

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William J. Winsor Article: I could not find much of anything on this man.  I searched his name, his name + Marguerite Powell, his name military references from the reading, his family names and the areas that were mentioned.  I even searched his grandfather’s name, Luther Harris, the painting companies, and the hotel Winsor and […]

Morgan’s Mission

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In the article by Edmund S. Morgan, The Puritan Ethic and the American Revolution, his thesis is about the role of Puritan Ethic (PE)  in the American Revolution.  According to his argument, this set of values played a major role, either directly, or just in its effect, in all the main areas that keep a […]

In the case of Kalustian’s “Rhea Papers”, the primary sources play a very important role.  Though one can develop a sense of the tasks Rhea undertook, the primary sources bring a new dynamic to his history.  My personal favorite commentary by the author was his description of Rhea as “The tall, overpowering, imposing Texan” at […]

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