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ENGL 302-03 2/11/10 Journal 4 Prompt 3C:  A woman sits on the floor of her flat, surrounded by dusty unopened moving cartons paced 17 months ago… Moonlit Heartache God, the dust had gotten thick.  Erin looked around, surveying her surroundings from where she was seated on the floor in the middle of the room.  Boxes […]

ENGL 302-03 2/4/11 Journal 3, Prompt 1 The First Thing I Want in the Morning… In the Wee Small Hours The first thing I want in the morning is to close my eyes and go back to sleep again. The alarm on my phone goes of, screaming out the song “Weightless” by All Time Low. […]

Trapped in Elevator, alone, with a person you would walk across the street to avoid.  Write a dialogue. Office Party Aftermath “Hold the door!  Linda?  Hey!  Jeez, almost didn’t see you behind that newspaper!  Lucky for me I spotted you!  Whew, this box is heavy—crazy how I managed to make it on and here you […]

2. “Write a short character sketch (it may be from life), focusing on how your character makes a living.  Put your character in a working situation and let us know by a combination of direct and indirect methods what that work is, how well he or she does it, what it looks like, smells like, […]