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Winsor Fail

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William J. Winsor Article:

I could not find much of anything on this man.  I searched his name, his name + Marguerite Powell, his name military references from the reading, his family names and the areas that were mentioned.  I even searched his grandfather’s name, Luther Harris, the painting companies, and the hotel Winsor and his wife opened.  No  luck aside from some genealogy sites that were not likely related to him and a link to an obituary that was sketchy.

Useful VS Unhelpful primary Source:

This link was useful as it provided a bit of needed background history on the Querelles des Femme and it had copyright info at the bottom.  However, its far from the BEST as its not a sound, accepted, historical site.  The best source for such a site would likely be a univeristy, but since the argument Rachel Speght put forth is more considered a literary argument, I think it is difficult to find an accepted history-based site with information on it.


From the literary perspective, the University of Oregon had input on the following link and thus, the compilation of writings would likely be useful for me as I feel it would provide access to multiple writings that were part of the Querelles des Femme


This link was unhelpful as, though it provided information that matched up with some i have gathered, there were many holes in it and inconsistencies.  It also lacked any information as to an author, group, or a date of when it was last updated.


A good primary source is the following link, as it is backed by a univeristy, and it has not only Speght’s first argument, but writings in response by others of that time period, as well.


This link leads to a primary source in PDF format, an exerpt from Baldassare’s The Book of the Courtier.  This is not particularly useful, though it may provide background information on the ideas of the Querelles des Femme.  The information that can be gathered from its reading would not really assist with my research for my specific area.



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